Version 0.10



  • Main story is now complete
  • Final boss outfits for all the girls
  • 5 new quest images
  • The mountains map now has artwork
  • Gave Scary Man pointy elf ears
  • The date on the HUD is now the raw day number instead of the month/day/year format
  • Boot screen now shows the file that is loading, this will make error handling easier if people can't launch the game



  • Main story progression
  • Natasha's full nelson anal animation has been added
  • Some small image enhancements to lower file sizes
  • Clicking on a character during dialogue will now hide the character image that was being displayed behind the newly displayed image
  • The save button will now display your save file in a textbox
  • Daniel's character has been updated to look older as people were mistaking him for a shota (LOL sorry!)
  • Scenes that revolve around Scary Man's castle now have an appropriate background for them
  • Event mods, like the Halloween 2020 event, will not display in the mod menu
  • The game will now TRY to display animations during battles, if it fails it will show a blank screen. This is to prevent hard failures during battles preventing people from playing the game
  • Removed the difficulty button from boss menu to prevent confusion. Higher difficulties will be out in the future, but for now there will only be one difficulty
  • Removed the girl's stamina on the HUD, it was an old feature that isn't necessary anymore
  • Added a "skip" button to dialogue that will fast forward the dialogue at an appropriate rate
  • Included unlock girl buttons in the debug menu



  • Main story progression
  • All generic brothel animations are now in the game. Brothel animations will always be at the bottom of the gallery list
  • Arietta now has an image showing her smaller breasts during the futa quest
  • Suki genie outfit is now in the clothes shop
  • Suki now has shading for her lips. Her lips were not showing previously because of an export error, but we have corrected that
  • Disabled interactions after clicking a save file



  • Main story progression
    • Added new clothes for all girls, unlocked by beating the new boss
    • New quest image
  • Added generic blowjob animations for girls that are missing animations (testing WebP files)
  • Main menu does not show Queen's picture if the save slot is new
  • Fixed typos in dialogue
  • Fixed minotaur image
  • Chance for special voice lines to happen during battles is now 20%
  • Lowered level needed for all boss clothes
  • Fixed the gallery bug where the gallery images would display on top of the animation
  • Fixed the EACCESS bug for Mac and Windows downloads



  • Major main story progression
  • New main menu
  • Dialogue Editor is now available
  • The mod menu page has been changed to accommodate the new mods page
  • Finished artwork for the house & brothel map
  • Updated Esxea's pussy animation to have 4 more frames (thanks Dex)
  • Added an "Arietta Seduce" quest image for Arietta and Natasha's main story quest
  • Added voice lines for every girl after they make a client cum
    • 10% chance to play the unique sound line instead of 100%
  • The house will have a quest icon when you have to go to sleep to continue a quest
  • Cafeteria Lady is now named Phyllis and she has artwork
  • Added artwork for ScaryMan
  • Intro dialogue changed very slightly and now contains a quest image
  • Suki goblin feet quest image added for the morass quest

Technical Updates

  • Sound, animations and general battle related assets are loaded right before battles start. This helps speed up the initial loading time for the game
  • Downloadable versions of the game now have a "mods" and "saves" folder to store mods and save files