Version 0.7



  • Changed the way text is generated in the brothel. Should cause less stuttering
  • Changed the way assets are loaded on boot

Gameplay Updates

  • Changed battle mechanics
    • Click a body part to fuck the client using that body part
    • Clients have combo strings, hitting combo strings awards certain things. All clients are different
    • Combo strings have a timer, if the player does not execute the combo in the time frame the combo will reset
    • Girls do not recover stamina automatically, the player has to hit the "Recover Stamina" button, which reduces the client's cum by 20%
  • Girl's base recovery increased to 0.5
  • Can only use brothel once a day
  • Recovering stamina decreases reputation by 1
  • Reduced house upgrade price

Bug fixes

  • Avia guard's anal battle had all body parts available, but was supposed to only have anal


Gameplay Updates

  • New brothel mechanics
    • Fucking clients has been changed to a battle system
    • There is a tutorial to help you get started
    • Too many changes to write down
  • Increased cum item drop from 10% to 20%
  • Girl's base recovery reduced to 0.2
  • Forest and Mud clothes stats nerfed
  • Stamina gain variable increased from 0.08 to 0.10 (easier to gain permanent stamina)
  • House upgrade prices reduced


Gameplay Updates

  • Story progression
  • Updated map with gradient backgrounds that are smaller in file size