Version 0.9


Gameplay Updates

  • You can now unlock Natasha
  • Added moaning sounds for Natasha
  • Added boss battle clothes for Natasha
  • New side quests - I am trying to promote walking around with certain clothes on
    • Purchase Suki's new sweater and find a side quest for it on the map
    • Cassie makes Scarlett some new clothes. Depending on what clothes you get, there is a side quest available for it
  • Lowered Ardura's moaning sounds because they were louder than the other girls
  • Fixed typos



  • Major story progression
  • Fixed typos
  • Changed the elf girls to a different art style
  • Changed dialogue for when the Scary Man goes to Trasonia
  • Reduced the enemy levels for the orc boss battle
  • Trasonia alley changed to hallway
  • Made dialogue text higher on the screen and made the word wrapping cleaner



  • Major story progression (no spoilers in patch notes)
  • Queen anal animation
  • Cassie, the owner of the clothes shop, is now in the game
  • New quest images
    • The girls getting gang banged in the morass Inn
    • Esxea being fucked by a goblin in the pond
    • Esxea, tied up, rolling away from a greenhaven resident
  • Voice lines for Queen when she makes a client cum
  • Map name appears on the top of the screen when switching between maps
  • 'Scary Man' is now colored
  • Reduced the level of clients that come to the brothel
  • Added hotkeys to select a girl during battles (1-6)



  • New dialogue menu/scene
  • New map arrows
  • Hovering your mouse over map buttons shows the name of the map
  • "NotNaknu" has new artwork
  • Intro dialogue changed
  • Notifications and Quest Log menus close when you click away from the center image, instead of having to click the icon again

Bug Fixes

  • Scrolling through clothes using a mouse wheel doesn't scroll all the way to the bottom immediately
  • Clicking the quest log and notifications menus right after another doesn't stop the game
  • Switcher clients now show the correct animation when they switch body parts



  • Ardura's main quest is complete
  • Clothes for Ardura have been added
    • Greenhaven Bikini
    • Mud Clothes
    • Princess Clothes
    • Orc Boss Clothes
    • Valentines 2020 Event Clothes
  • Side quest - Abigail, the teacher at school
  • Side quest - The Principal's Fetish (Leotard side quest is back!)
  • 2020 Valentines day event clothes have been permanently added to the game
  • Multiple quest scene images have been added
    • Queen "Free Blowjobs"
    • Queen's ass grabbed by man
    • Leon cums on Queen's new clothes
    • Queen & Nirvokk Doggystyle
    • Queen & Daniel cafeteria milk
    • Suki & Daniel cumshot
    • Suki & Principal leotard cum shot
    • Suki fucks the classroom
    • Scarlett lactating for peasants
    • Scarlett & guards anal cum dump
    • Queen & Orc anal
    • Suki spit roasted by two Orcs
  • Added male silhouette images for client icons and dialogue
  • Added new cum-on-body images for all girls
  • Added slight movement when looking at images in the gallery
  • Orc boss battle clothes
  • Suki anal animation added
  • Some animations modified
    • Boris animations removed from battles, will be updated to portray Queen and Suki and is used during dialogue
    • Suki handjob used during dialogue instead of a battle
    • Goblin boss animations will be updated to portray Suki and will be used in a future quest
    • Kings quest titty fuck animations removed from battles, will be updated to portray Scarlett and will be used in a future quest
    • Kings quest titty fuck animation will be used as Scarlett's default tits animation
    • Anal animation with Avia guards will be used as Scarlett's default anal animation
    • Anal cum animation with the Avia guards removed from battles, will be updated to portray Scarlett and will be used in a future quest

Gameplay Updates

  • New battle mechanics
    • Fucking a client increases their excitement. As long as their excitement meter is up, their cum meter keeps going up. Excitement is always dropping.
    • Making a client cum increases the girl's stamina by 1 + some extra stamina dependent on how much excitement is left
    • Clients have their own classes which affect how they fuck the girls
      • Passive - No battle changes
      • Cummer - Client cums very fast
      • Speedy - Client loses excitement slower if their excitement is above 60%
      • Trapper - Client traps girls, preventing another girl from fucking the client
      • Switcher - Client has the ability to switch body parts
      • Mudder - Client adds mud to the girl, and slowing down their own cum meter
      • Edger - Client loses excitement quickly the closer they are to cumming
      • Lactater - Client has a chance to make the girl's lactate, causing them to lose extra stamina
      • Big Cock - Client makes the girls lose more stamina the more excited they are
      • Breaker - Client has a chance to make the girl stop fucking them
    • Girls now have ultimate abilities, all of them except Queens are time based
      • Queen - Increases all the girl's stamina by 1
      • Suki - Lowers the client's excitement meter speed drastically
      • Esxea - Takes little to no damage
      • Scarlett - Makes the client cum faster
      • Ardura - Lowers the client's base level
    • Ultimate meter is increased by how much stamina the girl's loses when fucking a client
      • < 0.2 = 5 ultimate
      • > 0.2 < 0.5 = 10 ultimate
      • > 0.5 = 15 ultimate
  • You can now use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll through clothes and the gallery
  • Girl's base stats level up once every 2 levels
  • Added a screenshot button to the HUD
  • Added a "main story complete" quest log item to let the player know when they're done with the main quests

Technical Updates

  • Default renderer changed to Canvas