Version a0.5.3

Gameplay Updates

  • Gloryholes are unlocked after finishing the wood quest for Geoff/Unlocking Geoff
  • Gloryholes give throat experience, but no gold
  • The gloryhole only has 3 upgrades so far
  • Choose girl menu has the right dimensions for the girl picture
  • Additional dialogue has been added to the Mayor's Town-Fuck quest and the Village-Fuck quest
  • Thisa has been colored
  • Short screen flashes when someone cums
  • Animation when gaining exp

New Features

  • Buildings
  • Buildings do not raise the amount of guys you have fucked. They will not count towards the permanent stamina gain

Bug Fixes

  • Greenhaven Resident will now drop items

Known Bugs

  • Brothel menu opening up multiple times if you click too fast
  • Can't click anything when you start the game (restart until it works)