Version a0.5.4

Gameplay Updates

  • Story progression
  • The pond is available to use in the morass
  • Bukkake building is available to buy after unlocking tits
  • First house upgrade costs 2000
  • Client timer is now calculated using a modified Sigmoid function
  • During a boss battle, the girl's chance to break free from a trap is calculated using the modified Sigmoid function
  • Greenhaven boss battle chance to lock has increased
  • Gloryhole building upgrade price reduce to 4000/8000

Bug Fixes

  • Queen actually loses stamina after fucking Greenhaven now
  • Using alcohol doesn't show a false message stating the consumable will be removed
  • Tutorial won't pop up when buying a second building

Known Bugs

  • Brothel menu opening up multiple times if you click too fast
  • Can't click anything when you start the game (restart until it works)