Version a0.5.5


  • Code refactored, will hopefully reduce loading time for older computers. Let me know if I broke something!
  • Images compressed from 30mb to 4mb

Gameplay Updates

  • Story progression
  • Clothes stats are on the clothes instead of below them
  • Girls can fuck any client despite their level
    • Clients have success rates
    • The success rate of fucking a client is always 100% if the girl is the same or higher level than the client
    • The success rate drops when the girl is a lower level than the client
    • The girl can still fuck the client, but there is a chance to fail
    • The timer for fucking clients higher than the girl's level is longer
  • Spurts of Cum can be sold for 50 each
  • You can unlock Darrak as a special client, go talk to him after unlocking Suki
  • Unlocking the Forest Queen outfit from Darark only costs 30 spurts of cum
  • Suki's leotard clothes price reduced from 5000 to 3000

Bug Fixes

  • Hovering over a girl in the brothel will properly update the client list
  • Fixed a bug where you were able to scroll in the item menu even though there were no more items
  • Game doesn't remove input when starting
  • Brothel doesn't seem to be opening twice anymore, going to consider it fixed
  • Unlocking the Forest Queen outfit won't remove extra spurts of cum