Version a0.5.8

Gameplay Updates

  • Added a limit to how long a trap will stay on a girl when fighting a boss
  • Added a temporary static image to the morass boss battle
  • Brothel mechanics changed
    • You can now choose any body part with any client
    • Body parts are saved for each girl so you don't have to click back and forth when training
    • Clients are sorted by level
    • Leon is a special client
    • Easthollow Resident is the new regular customer at the start of the game
    • Client buttons stack, the stack number is on the bottom left
    • Client buttons have gold and exp indicators on them
    • Client buttons size has increased
  • Buildings now grant passive perks instead of being buildings the girls can use
    • Client frequency means the amount of clients that come in. For example Easthollow Residents have a max stack of 8.
    • If you have a 120% upgrade then the max stack would be 8 * 1.2, rounded down you would now have 9 clients instead of 8. At the max upgrade of 200%, you would now get 16 clients. The minimum amount of clients still stays, if the minimum amount of clients is 2, then at 200% the new minimum would be 4. Client frequency affects special clients as well, as long as their region is the same as the building stats. For example, special clients that only come once will start coming twice at a 200% upgrade.
    • Experience gain uses the same logic as client frequency, but it increases the amount of experience gained by the region's clients by X%
    • The bukkake room now increases the amount of spurts of cum you gain after fucking a client
  • First upgrade to house costs 1500 gold
  • Second upgrade to house costs 4000 gold