Version a0.5.9

Gameplay Updates

  • Alcohol price increased to 2500
  • Alcohol increases stamina by 2
  • There is a boss button in the house where you can re-fuck bosses for rewards
  • New boss battle HUD
  • Boss drops
    • Boss rewards consist of static gold + exp rewards along with a chance to get other things
    • There can be multiple item drops after fucking a boss
    • If the boss drops a set of clothes, it will be chosen at random and there can only be one drop per fuck. Clothes you already have do not count towards the RNG
  • Normal difficulty of the Werewolf and Goblin bosses are now available (Story mode is easy difficulty)
    • Higher difficulty bosses may have new attacks
  • Boss battle has some animations for dildo power and cum meter
  • New clothes for the girls, unlocked through bosses
  • Greenhaven clothes stats no longer give +1 Feet and Tits
  • Level up animation changed to be less annoying
  • Quest log indicators will appear in the top right of the screen
  • You no longer have to go through the dialogue when you re-fight a boss

Bug Fixes

  • Werewolf boss won't trap a girl in vines forever
  • Code minification process fixed, fixed any other bugs that may have occurred due to that
  • You can switch to girls that have no stamina during a boss battle
  • Removing items won't cause an error