Queen's Brothel Download

Demo Version

The free version of Queen's Brothel only has the main story quest.

Paid Version

The paid version of Queen's Brothel has the main story and side quests! You must be a patron to play this version of the game! Clicking the play button below will start the authentication process that will check to see if you are a patron.


  • OpenGL 2.1 / OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible hardware
  • 1GB RAM


  1. Extract .zip file
  2. Open windows.exe
  1. Open .dmg file
  2. Double click "Queen's Brothel"
  1. Open .apk file
  2. Android might ask you for permission to install
  3. Tap "Install"
  1. Extract .zip file
  2. Open terminal at extracted folder
  3. Type "linux.x86_64"
  4. Press enter